Amsterdam Light Festival

Citizens (2015)

Citizens is a data light sculpture created by students from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the Amsterdam School of the Arts for the Amsterdam Light festival 2015-16, with support from the Amsterdam Municipality.

Light columns behaving like humans. Interacting with each other, talking about various subjects. They respond when you approach, or when boats pass by. They are aware of their surroundings, get scared, get confused, get excited or sometimes need a rest or fall asleep. They will become entities which people want to interact with. Or even want to become friends with. They are Citizens. Like us.

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The Amsterdam Sphere (2014)

How can we visualize Big Data? The Amsterdam Sphere is a project originally created for the Amsterdam Light Festival to reflect the mood of Amsterdam. This was done in close collaboration with students and researchers from the Citizen Data Lab and artistic leader Rogier van der Heide. The Sphere has a diameter of 3 meters and contains 4.800 LED’s. In addition to this, it is in constant connection to the internet thus making it possible to connect it to an API or show real time (big) data visualisations.